21st Century Conflicts: Remnants of War(s)

12 years of war reporting from Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, DR Congo, Somalia and Sudan

by Boštjan Videmšek, photos Jure Eržen

Boštjan Videmšek combines the courage of the front line reporter with the eye of the astute political analyst.

John Carlin, author of Invictus and Rafa

'This book is literally reporting from the front line - sharp, tense, staccato, rapid. And always revealing of the realities, the nasty underbelly of modern conflict. Boštjan Videmšek is an old school correspondent. He has been there, talked to the people involved, did not accept the safe and narrow horizons of the 'embedded' reporter. Above all, his heart is on the right side, his instincts are sound. He cuts through the propaganda and ideology of invading armies and does not fall for the talk of 'democracy' and 'freedom' delivered to people at the point of an American gun. The struggle for fundamental human dignity takes pride of place in all his stories, his respect is obvious for the poor and oppressed of Afghanistan, Iraq and other places that have tasted the delights of foreign intervention.'

Costas Lapavitsas, author of Crisis in the Eurozone

This book is both a journalistic and literary report from the many battlefields of the U.S.-led global war on terror. The author is one of the few journalists of his generation who has reported from as many crisis spots over the last ten years.The book illustrates how the 9/11 attacks and the ensuing war on terror thoroughly modified the geo-strategic map of the world. It intends to help rectify this by providing a first-hand account – ranging from the hundreds of civilian victims, Taliban leaders to the leading men of the Iraqi insurgence and Colin Powell. This book aims to be a historical document not only on its main subjects but also on an approach to journalism that is rapidly vanishing. It's a comprehensive guide to a decade of war crimes and torture; a decade that saw the dire effects of the Western global democratic game.

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